our proof of concept
of your new default

a space to set your ideas free
a studio, a venue, a place to call home

bring your visions to fruition

Space rental for production
Photography   1,200   Baht per hour  /  Videography   1,200   Baht per hour

Equipment rental
Please contact us for our pricing sheet

Space rental for events
Please contact us for a quotation

In store media
Please contact us for a discussion
In store media opportunities for events with so much flexibility in our spaces and the coordinate efforts we have with retail, food and beverage ventures, We are able to execute co-promotion and or utilize display spaces. These opportunities are up for conversation on an event by event basis.

Modifiable Natural Light
With natural light flooding all around the space. With the help of curtains, clients are able to manipulate nature light of shut it out all together.

Total Open Space
A floorplan allowing for the highest degree of adaptability and can transform from a theatre to an exhibition space to a blank space on demand.

Projecting Capabilities
Equipped with a hight quality projector, 42 is able to host viewing parties, showings and digital based exhibitions changing depending on requirements.

Preparation Room
A small scale utility room separate from the main space can be configured to your needs. Whether that be a changing room, storage, green room, etc.

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